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An interesting trend has taken hold in these tough economic times. It is something related to couture that you might least expect, and it is happening in the smallest sizes. No, incredibly thin girls are not purchasing clothing en m***e. Instead, designer childrenswear has actually taken off despite the poor economy. This might seem strange, but a range of factors actually explain this phenomenon and may help you as you shop for the younger ones in your life whom you love dearly. First, experts say that these clothes have continued to sell much more than adult-sized clothes because there are actually fewer brands out there on the market. Think of how many adult-sized brands there are and then think about how many designer childrenswear makers there are in the fashion industry. The numbers might surprise you. Because there are so many fewer brands for younger shoppers (and those who shop for them), retailers need to continue to buy more in order to stay in stock. In addition, some experts say that there is an increasing "mini-me" phenomenon amongst women and their children. Women these days, more than they did in the past, want to see their babies looking beautiful and stylish, as today kids are seen as extensions of their own parents. Fashion is a way for this trend to become a reality.

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