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Hospitals and clinics, being grounds of healing and breeding, have to maintain very clean and hygienic environments. A clean environment is not only a healthy place for healing but is also a healthy place for working. Due to this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the Department of Health and Human Services specifies guidelines that are required to be followed in all medical and health care ins***utions. ? Infections can spread and propagate in many different ways. Awareness should be spread amongst the workers about infections, its types, its mode of transmission and steps to prevent it. Understanding the significance of hygiene can help to prevent it.Sterilization is very important in hospitals for there are sick people trying to recover, newborns that are too young to be strong and patients with very low resistance. A sterile and clean environment has to be maintained where infection causing microorganisms have no room to survive. Personal hygiene, disinfecting, cleaning, and sterilization must be maintained and the staff should be taught about its importance and how to achieve it. The importance of hand washing has to be explained. The patients and visitors must also be encouraged to follow the steps prescribed for effective hand washing.

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